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Oct – Wisdom Teeth – Why are they so Smart?

Sept – How to Handle Sensitive Teeth?

August 2014 – ‘Back to School’ Checkups

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July 2014 – May the celebration of our independence be filled with joy, sunshine, safety, family and fun! Come back and let’s ‘Take Care of Your Teeth!‘Happy4tha

Nov – Gum Disease – How to Prevent This?

Dec – Flossing, What Really Happens?

Jan – Senior Adult Dental Practices

Feb – Baby Teeth – What is Their Purpose?

March – Bad Breath, How to Prevent This?

April – Mouth Washes – What Choices do you Have?

May – Teeth Whitening – Does It Really Work?

June – Plaque – What is it & How Can I Remove It?

July – Cavities – How to Prevent These?

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